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Fun Field Day



Field Day is tomorrow! Students will be participating in some fun outdoor activities from 10:30-12:00. There are some stations that involve water. We recommend students pack some extra clothes just in case they get wet. The forecast is calling for sun so remember to apply sunscreen!


Looking for Sponsorship For Purchasing Spark Exercise Bikes

Last year, each school received a Spark Exercise Bike from the South Shore Regional School Board. This was the result of numerous studies on the importance of exercise for helping students self-regulate, particularly students with excessive anger and anxiety. The use of spin or exercise bikes was the result of research by Dr. John Ratey who wrote the book, SPARK. This research has been confirmed many times over. Now we all know that healthy bodies help make healthy minds.

Report Card information for Parents and Guardians With Children in Grades Primary to 3

This is the first year for Nova Scotia’s Action Plan for Education. It is a five-year plan focused on maximizing student learning and success. A redesigned  curriculum for students in grades Primary to 3 is one of the biggest initiatives for this year. Changes were made to provide a stronger foundation in mathematics and literacy. It means your child’s teacher now has more time to teach these important skills and your child has more time to learn.

Flags for Hope Campaign

Liverpool students design flags for hope
by Michael Lee

UNICEF (Syrian Refugee Care Team)

Normally this time of year we ask our students, staff and parents/guardians to give donations to UNICEF.  It has been tradition of late to support UNICEF’s Wishes for Water.


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