Report Card information for Parents and Guardians With Children in Grades Primary to 3

This is the second year for Nova Scotia’s Action Plan for Education. It is a five-year plan focused on maximizing student learning and success. A redesigned  curriculum for students in grades Primary to 3 is one of the biggest initiatives for this year. Changes were made to provide a stronger foundation in mathematics and literacy. It means your child’s teacher now has more time to teach these important skills and your child has more time to learn. Mathematics and literacy are taught explicitly but are also integrated with other subjects including art, health, information and communication technology, science, and social studies. To help you to better understand how your child is learning with the revised curriculum, you will notice changes to this year’s report card.
Report cards for students in grades Primary to 3 now have the following headings:
Learner Profile
The Learner Profile describes how your child is developing their social skills and work habits.
The codes being used are:
        •• Well Developed
        •• Developing (as expected)
        •• Needs Development

Integrated Language Arts
Grades 1–3 in Integrated Language Arts will have a grade of A–D in each strand. Primary students will receive a comment:
        •• Reading and Viewing
        •• Speaking and Listening
        •• Writing and other ways of Representing

If your child is in a French immersion program you will see on the report card, Appreciation of the French Language and of Cultural Diversity, followed by a grade.

Integrated Mathematics
Primary students in Integrated Mathematics will receive a comment on their report card. There will be one overall grade of A–D reported for students in grades 1–3. Descriptors for letter grades are noted on the report card. Music and Physical Education (Grades 1–3)
The following codes will be used to explain how your child is progressing:
        •• Well Developed
        •• Developing (as expected)
        •• Needs Development

Please note that full information on music and physical education may not be noted during the first reporting period.

You are encouraged to refer to this information when you meet with your child’s teacher about how they are progressing this year.