Important Fundraiser Information

The Cookie Dough Fundraiser that was scheduled to run from October 24th to November 4th, will no longer be happening.  We received word yesterday that the company has gone into receivership.  Our Santa’s Little Helpers Fundraiser runs from September 13 -30th, and will be our main fundraiser for the school.  We appreciate and thank you f

Phone Calls For Bussing/Pick-up Changes

PLEASE NOTE:  If your child’s plans for end of day bussing or pick-up need to be changed, for any reason, calls must be made to the school office before 2:00 pm. This request is to ensure the office staff plenty of time to relay the message to your child. ( Please keep in mind your child’s last classes of the day may be with a specialist teacher and, therefore, out of phone contact for the office.)

Keep Contact Information Updated

Parents, please keep your most current email address, phone numbers and mailing address on file at the school at all times.  In case of an emergency, we need to have your current contact information to guarantee the most  appropriate action.  Without the most current number and address, notification of important  information may be delayed.  To update your information, contact the school office at 902-354-7660, email or write the information in you child's agenda for the classroom teacher.

Supply Lists 19-20

Supplies Grade P                              

Supplies Grade 1

School Policies - Nut Free and Scent Free

Please remember that Dr. John C. Wickwire Academy is both a NUT FREE and SCENT FREE  school.  We have several students who have severe nut allergies.

Outdoor Clothing (Be Prepared)

It’s that time of year when the temperature outside can be very cold. Students go outside at least twice a day so it is very important they wear their hats and mittens to school. It is always helpful for days when the conditions are cold and wet, that students bring an additional pair of mittens in their schoolbag.

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